Peer reviewed articles

2021, Royle, C, Thinking as an Engelsian, Human Geography, 15 (1) (Symposium on Marxist Geography edited by Richard Peet),

2021, Royle, C, Friedrich Engels and Geography, Human Geography, 14 (2) (Special issue introduction),

2020, Royle, C, Silver Linings and Wishful Thinking? More-than-human Geographies of the Corona Virus, Human Geography, 13 (3),  

2017, Royle, C, Complexity, Dynamism and Agency: How Can Dialectical Biology Inform Geography? Antipode, 49 (5),  


2020, Royle, C, A Rebel’s Guide to Engels (Bookmarks, London).

Book chapters

2021, Royle, C, Ecological Marxism, In: Alex Callinicos, Lucia Pradella and Stathis Kouvelakis (eds), Handbook of Marxism and Post-Marxism (Routledge, London).

2021, Royle, C, Engels as an Ecologist, In: Terrell Carver and Kohei Saito (eds), Engels in the 21st Century: Re-examination from a Critical Perspective (Palgrave).

2019, Royle, C, Marxism and the Anthropocene, In: Martin Empson (ed), System Change not Climate Change: A Revolutionary Response to Environmental Crisis (Bookmarks, London).

2018, Royle, C, Shaking the Ground: Histories of Earthworms from Darwin to Niche Construction, In: Stephanie Rutherford and Sharon Wilcox (eds), Historical Animal Geographies (Routledge, London).

2017, Royle, C. (2017), Northern Spotted Owl, In: Julie Urbanik and Connie L Johnston (eds), Humans and Animals: A Geography of Coexistence (ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara).

Other journal articles

“Migration in an era of climate breakdown”, International Socialism 169 (2021),

“Marxism and the Anthropocene”, International Socialism 151 (2016),

“Dialectics, nature and the dialectics of nature”, International Socialism 141 (2014),

Book reviews

“Marx and the robbery of the soil and the worker”, review of Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism: Capital, Nature, and the Unfinished Critique of Political Economy by Kohei Saito, International Socialism 163 (2019),

Book review of Wildlife in the Anthropocene by Jamie Lorimer, Human Geography, 9,1 (2016).

“The Science and Politics of DNA”, review of John Parrington, The Deeper Genome, Oxford University Press, 2015, Monthly Review, 68,5 (2016).

“Change the world, not the climate”, review of Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, International Socialism 145 (2015).

“X ray vision”, review of David Harvey, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism, International Socialism 147 (2015).

“Climate of conflict”, review of Harald Welzer, Climate Wars: What People Will be Killed for in the 21st Century, International Socialism 137 (2013).

Magazine articles and blogs

“A well-tuned fiddle”, Socialist Review, December 2020.

“The ‘Test and trace’ app is another Tory fiasco”, Socialist Review, June 2020.

“Australia’s political firestorm” (with Caitlyn Doyle), Socialist Review, February 2020.

“What Kind of Climate Movement do we Need?”, Socialist Review, April 2019. 

“Facing the Anthropocene”, King’s Department of European and International Studies blog (31 October 2016),

“America City Review”, Socialist Review, March 2018.

“Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach”, Socialist Review, January 2018.

“Facing the Anthropocene”, Socialist Review, June 2016.


“Marksizm ve Antroposen”, in Martin Empson, 2020, İklimi Değil Sistemi Değiştir – Çevre Krizine Devrimci Bir Yanıt Kitap Açıklaması (Zayinlari). 

“Hoe overleven we het Antropoceen?”, (5 September 2016),

“La dialectique, la nature et la dialectique de la nature”, Que Faire (18 April 2014),

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