About me

I currently teach in the Department of Geography at King’s College London and the Department of Geography and Environment at the LSE. My interests include the ecological thought of Marx and Engels, radical approaches to biology, the Anthropocene, the “new” materialisms and geographies of wildlife/animals.

As a biology undergraduate student with an interest in wildlife conservation I became fascinated by the work and activism of the small group of biologists who referred to their work as dialectical. Key influences included Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Levins and Richard Lewontin.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to be able to return to university to do a PhD part-time, supervised by Alex Loftus and Raymond Bryant at King’s College London. I was awarded the PhD on 1 February 2019.

In my research I brought the work of the radical biologists into conversation with some key debates among geographers around how nature-society relations might be understood in these troubling times we sometimes refer to as the Anthropocene. In particular I argued that dialectical biology offers an approach to the agency of non-human organisms that is often overlooked in these debates. They are focused on how living things transform their environments but without simply stating that “everything is an agent” as some theorists tend to conclude.

My work has been published in Antipode, International Socialism and in two Routledge collections. See publications for more details.

In 2020 I published a short introduction to the life and work of Friedrich Engels due to be published around the 200 year anniversary of his birth. Go to Engels book for updates.

Conferences I have spoken at include the RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, the Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Historical Materialism conference, the Oxford Real Farming Conference, King’s Climate Exchange and the London Conference in Critical Thought.

As deputy editor of International Socialism I organised and spoke at a conference in Central London on Marxism and Nature with Ted Benton and Ian Angus included among the speakers. More information and videos of the day can be found here.

I live in East London and my interests include gardening and swing dance.

Engels book

Order A Rebel’s Guide to Engels at https://bookmarksbookshop.co.uk/view/49652/A+Rebels+Guide+to+Engels